Marketing and Branding Campaign

Dublin: The New American Backyard
Last year, the Dublin City Council identified a need to develop a comprehensive marketing and branding plan for the community of Dublin. More than a slogan or a logo, a "brand" focuses on sending out a cohesive message and consistent feel that expresses the unique identity of Dublin, both to members of the Dublin community and to people located outside of the City's borders.

Creative Team
As part of the process, members of the community were appointed to serve on a creative team, and efforts were made to survey residents, as well as visitors, about the unique attributes of Dublin. These efforts were guided by branding consultant North Star Destination Strategies. The new brand -- "The Bay Area's New American Backyard" -- was recently selected by the City Council to reflect Dublin's unpretentiously ambitious, casually sophisticated style. The brand explores several Dublin qualities, including a diverse, thriving population; close proximity to major urban centers; and a robust network of recreational opportunities and community parks.

For more information, please contact Lori Taylor, Economic Development Director, at 925-833-6650, or via email.