Road Work

As Dublin embarks on multiple road and infrastructure improvement projects over the next few years, our goal is to keep our residents and visitors informed of what projects are happening, where they are located, how these projects impact you and the future of our community, and what you can expect during construction.

Dublin Boulevard Construction Projects

There are three projects associated with the planned improvements to widen Dublin Boulevard which will impact Dublin residents and commuters.  The section of Dublin Boulevard westbound from Dublin Court to Sierra Court/Civic Plaza is subject to congestion due to the narrow width of the road, and the merging of vehicles from three to two lanes.  In addition, this section of Dublin Boulevard is the final segment of the roadway that has above-ground utilities, which will be moved underground during this project. Ultimately, the widening of the road will improve traffic flow along Dublin Boulevard, as well as the appearance of the streetscape.  For more information, please visit the Dublin Boulevard Construction Projects webpage.
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Annual Slurry Seal Projects

The City of Dublin has contracted with American Pavement Systems, Inc. for the 2017 Annual Slurry Seal Project.  This project will include the sealing of existing cracks, pavement repairs, new slurry seal, and pavement markings.   During several phases of work for this project, parking and lane closure restrictions will be in place. The contractor will post “No Parking” signs a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) in advance of the scheduled work on the street.  Streets will be opened to traffic and access to driveways will be available at the end of each day. The Contractor will schedule the work to minimize disruption to your normal garbage pickup. Please view the map of affected areas

On the day your street is noticed to be slurry sealed, it will be closed to traffic and you will not be allowed to drive, walk, or ride a bike on the asphalt street until the slurry seal has properly cured and the road is reopened.   If you need to use your vehicle on the day your road is closed, please park it on an adjacent street not being sealed that day.   Please look for the “No Parking” restrictions.   It is very important that you do not drive or walk on freshly installed slurry.   Slurry seal will stick to the vehicle and will track onto sidewalks, driveways, carpet and flooring and will damage those finishes.

Please feel free to contact American Pavement Systems, Inc. at (916) 714-1120 with any questions.  We apologize in advance for any disruption caused by this work.

Thank you for your cooperation as the City of Dublin invests in maintaining your streets.

Other Current Construction Improvement Projects:


Amador Valley Boulevard Storm Drain Improvements

The City of Dublin has contracted with McGuire & Hester for the Storm Drain Trash Capture project.  The project will provide for the installation of two storm water trash capture devices and associated modifications to the existing storm drain system.  The trash capture devices will be located along Amador Valley Boulevard east of I-680 and in an easement south of the cul-de-sac terminus of Regional Street near I-580 next to Outback Steakhouse.  Traffic will be impacted on Amador Valley Boulevard between late June and the end of July 2017.

  • Pedestrian traffic on the north side of Amador Valley Boulevard will be detoured to the south side between Village Parkway and Amador Plaza Road until the end of July.
  • Westbound Amador Valley Boulevard will be temporally reduced to one lane between I-680 and Amador Plaza Road from June 26 to July 7 for the excavation and installation of the trash capture device.
  • Daily curb lane closures (Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.), are expected on westbound Amador Valley Boulevard between July 7 and the end of July. 

Dougherty Road Improvement Project

Construction of the Dougherty Road Improvements is underway and will continue through 2017. The Dougherty Road Improvement Project consists of the following multi-modal improvements to Dougherty Road:
  • Two new vehicular travel lanes with landscaped median islands
  • New and improved bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure
  • New bus stops and bus pull-outs
  • Roadway widening

For more information, including the sequence of construction and anticipated impacts to your commute, please visit the Dougherty Road Improvement Project webpage.  

Project Benefits
These improvements will address traffic congestion and multi-modal circulation issues for commuters traveling Dougherty Road, including improved access to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station.  

Recently Completed Road Improvement Projects:

Road Improvement Projects 2017 - Feb
The City of Dublin thanks you for your patience as we work to maintain and improve the quality and safety of our roads. For more information on any of the roadwork projects, please call the Public Works Department at 925-833-6630.