Sports Fields & Courts

Rental Facilities

The Dublin Sports Grounds, Emerald Glen Park, Fallon Sports Park, and Ted Fairfield Park have sports fields and courts available for rent for sporting events such as baseball, softball, soccer, and tennis. Please note that the grass turf fields are closed for maintenance December 16 through the end of February each year. The synthetic turf fields at Fallon Sports Park are available for use by permit only year-round (please refer to the Sports Fields Policy and Application to obtain a permit).

Fields are available for rent for either casual games or practices. For field reservations, please call the Parks and Community Services Department at 925-556-4500.

Rental Policies & Applications

In addition to sports fields and courts, Stager Community Gymnasium is also available for rent, as well as the Emerald Glen Recreation and Aquatic Complex, "The Wave," to open in late Spring 2017.